Thursday, 22 March 2012

Justin Somper's: Demons Of the Ocean Review!

Just yesterday, I finished the last page in Justin somper's: Demons of the Ocean, Since this was highly recommended by a friend, I had high hopes of this book rivalling  the Beyonders, and with what I saw, it did.
This book was extremely original, from the characters, to the time setting even to the locations. The simple idea of a Vampirate was what really sold the book for me, this was really a Non-stop adventure book, with a fairly moderate plot speed. The one thing that bugged me though, was the cliche "odd captain scheme" this trick has been done over and over again in many pirate books, for once it would be nice to see a captain that wasn't insane or  a little"odd".

Book rating: B 
With this book my main problem was my failure to connect to the characters, I could care less , about Grace and Connor's quest, simply because I didn't see how their quest related to me, or how I would be affected if they failed, the characters just seemed so distant that it was hard for me to care about the their feelings and emotions.

What to expect?
  • The classic" I must find my sister plot!"
  • Vampires and pirates ( maybe both?)
  • dramatic of sword fights
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