Friday, 8 June 2012

E-Interview: Sarah Prineas Author of The Magic Thief

YESSS! I can't believe this!! I get to Email Interview Sarah Prineas!!! Starts Dancing* Here's how the interview went down!

The Magic Thief was a very original book, where did you get all those ideas from?
When writing The Magic Thief I wanted to put in all my favorite fantasy things: magic, adventure, peril, wizards, swordfighting, dragons, biscuits and bacon.  

At what point did you then decide that you wanted to write a fourth magic thief book?
Once I finished the third book, The Magic Thief: Found, I realized that Conn's story wasn't finished yet.  Also, I really wanted to write a book in which the fierce little dragon Pip was a main character.

Will there be a fifth magic thief book?
Right now I'm focusing on my new series, Winterling, but who knows!  Conn's story is incredibly fun to write, so I might come back to it someday.

Can you give us any spoilers on Chimney Swifts?
Sure!  Chimney Swifts (Magic Thief #4, which might have a new title by the time it comes out in 2014) is about what happens when somebody starts stealing the magisters' locus stones.  Everybody thinks Conn is the thief, of course, so he has to disguise himself as a gutterboy until he discovers that a gang of chimney sweeps are the thieves.  He goes undercover with this gang until he learns that the mastermind behind the plot is his greatest enemy, Crowe, who has returned to Wellmet.  

What Activities do you enjoy outside of writing and reading? (Hobbies, passions etc.…)
One of my favorite things to do is work out--running, biking, swimming, lifting weights; I also love walking along the Iowa River.  Dog training is another thing--my dog Athena, a Rottweiler, is the best dog ever! I also love reading, especially fantasy novels.

Who were your favorite writers when you were a teen?
I loved Madeleine L'Engle's books and JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit; also the Sword in the Stone story in T.H. White's King Arthur novel The Once and Future King.  

Let’s move onto Winterling, what prompted you write this entirely new series?

After writing three books from the point of view of an independent, smart-yet-stupid boy, I was keen to write from a girl's point of view.  I was also determined to write a fantasy that begins in our world and takes the reader into a new, magical world close to our own.

Do you know when Summerkin will be released? (Month or season)
I think it's coming out in March 2013.  Somewhere around then, anyway. 

What will Summerkin be all about?
In Summerkin, Fer has to prove that she's the true Lady of her land and must compete in a series of challenges that test her strength and her will.  At the same time, the puck-boy Rook pushes the boundaries of his friendship with Fer while putting himself into terrible danger.   

Thank You Sarah Prineas for doing this interview with me! Anything you want to say? (Comments or book promos...)
Thanks so much for the questions!  For interested readers, here's the book trailer for Winterling:

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