Sunday, 2 December 2012

CVC #2: Kane Chronicles Vs the 13'th reality

A quick blog change by-the way, I will be now blogging 3 times a week. Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. So in order for this work out CVC will have to be ONE post. Which means this  Friday, you will return to THIS post too see your results! Note: There will be some exceptions to this 3 posts a week thing, I will always make more space if something really big comes up.
This weeks constants are the 13'th reality and the Serpents Shadow!
  1. With the Serpents Shadow you have more of a dark brown end-of-the-world theme. A kind of rugged unclean beauty if you will. Now this people,  is what I like to call a smear image, it doesn't really have a main focus point on the cover-but rather the whole book is the focus point. The cover drags your eyes from spot  to spot  to the point where you have step back and look at the whole book, rather than a specific point. You can see this by how the artist smears the brown "paint" all around the surface.
  2. The 13'th Reality provides a simple yet  intriguing cover with all its swirling blue mass. As you can see at the top there's a light blue cloud creature about to strike down on the poor old man , I assume this is the centerpiece of the cover, as it naturally draws your eyes towards the mouth of the creature. If you note the the background you can see many different dynamics on the front page; you can see a light blue cloudish color, a rough dark water color, and the pale light brown backdrop with assorted rock textures. A real  diversity of both color and texture.
O.K guys, time to vote. Your votes will be counted and tallied and will be revealed  to you on  Friday night, Right Here. So stay tuned! (You will be able to see them *only* if you voted)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the book covers you see on this CVC post, However I am using them under the fair use act. Under fair Use I am allowed yo use these images as long as I am: Providing commentary (which I am) and or Providing criticism (which I am). Under fair use I must show where I have aquired these images from, you can find where I get these images from by clicking the image.


  1. I get a different Kane Chronicles cover. And it sucks

  2. I think thats' the U.K version. and I agree, that's one of the first U.K covers that wasn't better than thr U.S.