CVC Guide

Welcome to a new segment I like to call CVC, short for Cover Versus Cover. Basically I give you two covers every week, and you'll vote on the one you think best. The list below is a list of covers who have won each week. At the end of three months ( or as other people call it; one season) I will have a grand finale in which you will pick Eddies cover of the season from our weekly winners. (see list below)
[Weekly Winners]
Cover Vs Cover #1: Shadow of the Hawk
Cover Vs Cover #2: The Serpents Shadow
Cover Vs Cover #3: Zom-B
Cover Vs Cover #4: NeverMore
Cover Vs Cover #5: Leviathan
Cover Vs Cover #6: Pending.....
Cover Vs Cover #7:
Cover Vs Cover #8:
Cover Vs Cover #9:
Eddie's Cover of the Season:
End of  Winter (3 Months)
(This whole process will repeat itself next season)

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