Sunday, 15 April 2012

Odd titling....and insane authors (no, not me)

These are some of the most odd book titles that I have heard, they are odd simply because they have no relation to the book itself whatsoever! or simply because there just written by very bizarre  and slightly odd people..Ahem.. so without any further comment...(note these are all REAL books)

"Weeds in a Changing World"

"Guide To Eskimo Rolling"
 "Good Practice with Violence,"
"How to Avoid Huge Ships,"

-God's Chewable Vitamin C for the Spirit

-Attractive and Affectionate Grave Design\

  -Stick Making: A Complete Course

 -A Theory of Shopping

 -Collect Fungi on Stamps

 -Tractors and the Men who Love Them

 -Psychotherapy and the Bored Patient -

Wood Carving with a Chainsaw

 -Hair Loss for the Next Millennium

 "Women and Wasteland Development,"

 If you want to see where I got these from, or want to see some more, please go to.. (yes these are all real books)

If I ever wrote a book I would write it about how kind and slightly odd authors write their page-turning, quick witted books. Entitled "Authors And The oddness  inside Their Skulls". Nobody would buy it...but it would make a great book for doodlings! and other inhumane "things" that could be done with a 200 page using its awesome gloss for lip balm, or using its ink for eyeliner. It could do so much more than bore its readers to a state of coma! like putting  annoying siblings to coma. *sighs*all the terrible, heart wrenching possibilities!

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  1. How fun! There sure are a lot of unique titles out there!