Thursday, 31 May 2012

E-Interview: Chris Bradford Author Of Young Samurai!

Recently I got the chance to Email Interview with Award-Winning author,Chris Bradford!
Here is how the interview went down!

Young Samurai is based on ancient Japanese history, are they any other ancient histories that you would like to write about?
Gladatorial times in Ancient Rome and the Viking times.

How many Young Samurai books have you sold altogether?
Three quarters of a million and rising.  Sold to 25 countries in 18 languages.

Will you be writing more Young Samurai books? Perhaps with a different character?
It all depends on whether a Young Samurai movie is made for tv or the big screen, then I might be tempted to write one more book.  Jack would definitely feature.

Are any of your Characters modeled after people you actually know?
Yes Sensei Yamada is based up on my late grandfather who was very kind and wise and who introduced me to literature.

Out of all the Ninja and Samurai techniques Jack has done, which one is your favorite?.
Butterfly Kick.

Why did you choose to become an author?
I wrote and published some books on music and the music business, whilst fronting my own band.  The idea of Jack and his adventures just jumped into my mind and my new career as a fiction author was launched. It seemed like a natural progression.

Who were your favorite authors when you were a kid?
Roald Dahl - he came to visit my primary school, which was a great honour

What advice do you give to new aspiring authors?
Read and write all the time, feeding your creative mind.  Spend as much time as possible researching your topic.  Find yourself a Literary Agent.  Don't give up !

What do you in your spare time?
Reading and playing with my young son Zach.

Anything else you would like to say? (E.g. book promos etc...)
I am writng a new modern day action-packed series book 1 to be called 'Bodyguard - Hostage' set in the UK and USA.
Bodyguards are today's samurai warriors - the style of this new series is Jason Bourne meets Jack Fletcher - so I hope all my fans will like it.  It will be published in the UK next Spring 2013.

To learn more about Young Samurai go to

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