Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blogger Pageviews Lost! (A Must Read For Blogspot Owners)

Yes! You heard me right! Editor's Article has of Right now has lost all  of its 17,000 Pageviews.
Why you ask?
Well! I assume blogger has had some sort of "glitch" that somehow caused many if not all blogs to Lose their Pageviews.
If you haven't Lost any of your pageviews, I suggest you double-check your hit counter, This is a very new event that might take time to thoroughly take effect. Perhaps your blog could be saved.....
 In the meanwhile, I suggest you got to the official blogger product forum and complain. (As I am doing right now)!category-topic/blogger/something-is-broken/dSFrwW2SWgE%5B1-25%5D
Months, and perhaps even years of cold hard work, has instantly vanished in the small lapse of an hour.
Every second this goes on I get more and more inclined to switch to Wordpress.
So Who else want their pageviews back?
So! It seems like blogger finally got enough manpower to finish the job.
Editors Article's 17,000 pageviews are now back- Including the many pageviews I got for this post.
So without further ado Here's what Lisa From Blogger (a blogger representative) had to say over over this little"inconvenience".
"Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your patience while we've been working to resolve this issue. We've pushed the fix, so your stats should be back soon. Please let us know if you're still not seeing your stats within the next couple of hours.
We apologize for the inconvenience (and minor heart attacks - yikes!) this issue has caused. We really appreciate you taking the time to report the issue, as well as letting us know when things have been resolved.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what blogger has to say over our near fatal meltdowns.
Again, sorry for the "inconvenience"


  1. Yeah, I lost all my hits too at Why I Hate Physics.

  2. Lost all of mine too. And my google analytics is showing no page hits either. Craziness!!

  3. Just lost my page views on counter also...

    First time this has ever happened. 116,000 views,,,

  4. I lost all my views too ! And I spent a lot of time on my blog . *sobs*

  5. Just lost over 65,500 page views. Almost two years of effort up in smoke. Maybe the folks who run Blogger don't get how important this is.

    1. I agree, I don't think the understand how hard bloggers work.

    Nix and Mist, Read This Mortals, Nobody's Blog...

    My three main blogs have all their pageviews gone!

  7. Lost pageviews on one of my blogs, not the other. Lost it on

    This is not good...