Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: The Academy By Ridley Pearson

 In The Academy, young "steel trap" attends a school for intellectually talented students, called Wyncliff , but as tests and high school drama turn to danger and secret tunnels, Steel soon finds out that He is in a school for spies..... Will Steel be able to uncover this school's secret past? Or ace his ga-ga tournaments? find out in The Academy!
    You may be unaware of this, (as many people are) But I am a big fan of tight-gripping, fast paced spy novels, I always find them intriguing. The Academy was no exception. This book was simply stunning, Ridley Pearson Took the suspense of Eric Wilson, the jaw-dropping twists of Eoin Mcnamee, and crammed it into one amazing book. I Highly recommend this book, although it is not Riordan material.
The Academy overall was fast paced, however during the end of the book, the plot really  picked up and started getting more suspenseful, ( as books usually do when approaching their climax)

Book Rating: B+
Why? I am a big fan of spy novels, and totally ate this book up.

What To Expect
  • Spies!
  • Secret Societies!
  • Trap doors and tunnels!
  • Ga-Ga Tournaments

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