Sunday, 9 December 2012

CVC #3: Zom-B Vs Furnace

Welcome to the brand  new segment I like to call CVC, short for Cover Versus Cover. Basically I give you two covers, a short analysis - as well as the authors name. Based on that- you'll vote for the cover you think best. The polls will close early Friday Morning. And on Friday afternoon you'll  come back to this post to see your voting  results. (they'll be posted on the bottom) So! lets get started!
This weeks contestants are Zom-B and Furnace!

1) Zom-B returns again! Zom-B has a much more....subtler look than furnace but is equally good. Remember; we're not voting on which cover looks the scariest, OR which one makes you squirm- but which one looks best. Which one would you pick up in a store? Zom-B or Furnace? Do note by-the-way the visual path the artist leads you by. Almost immediately you look up and the zombies face, then you look down and the big blood splattered print. See that? almost 2 focus points. A smear cover 
2) Furnace on the other hand has a much more gritty and realistic cover, it exudes the kid of  gruesome hands on horror that many fans of Jason would like. Blood red is easily the main theme here, it has a much more prominent role headlining the side of of the poor mans (or beings) face. Again, I must note how the cover artist draws the eye Inward towards the middle part of the novel.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the book covers you see on this CVC post, However I am using them under the fair use act. Under fair Use I am allowed yo use these images as long as I am: Providing commentary (which I am) and or Providing criticism (which I am). Under fair use I must show where I have aquired these images from, you can find where I get these images from by clicking the image.

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  1. I, again, get different covers
    However, Zom B just looks better to me