Sunday, 8 January 2012

Blog Membership!

Hello people! (and my good fans in Australia) today I wanted to devote a post to the many ways you can keep in touch and promote my blog. First of all I should tell you that ONLY members of my blog can comment on posts, so to Become a member you must click Follow on the top of my blog ( the blue bar) then click follow publicly, then you should just have to click a bunch of OK's and you should be a member! ( its easy...ish)

Another way you can get in touch with my blog is by subscribing to my Rss feed! If you have already subscribed to my Rss feed you should be notified whenever a post  OR comment is made.

There is one last and final way you can interact with my blog and that is to
A vote on my poll! ( I love to hear people opinion)
B Comment on my posts
C and put up my banner ( bottom of the blog) on your webpage!
D and I also suggest you tell your friends about my blog! getting the word around is good!

If you do happen to add my banner to your webpage AND notify me in a comment, I will add you website link on my link list! a place were every webpage that adds my banner will go! ( good advertising) so hurry on up and start the banner setting!

IN other news I have already found some new funny videos for whooo likes watching possessed people!!???
good luck!

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