Sunday, 15 January 2012

Demons and Druids Play-by-play SPOILER!

Yesterday I finished Daniel X demons and druids, to be honest I was surprised with the quality and description on the book, I could actually vividly imagine all the new aliens, sites and" magic", Like all the kids books James Patterson Writes, it has fairly simple language and is easy to understand., a good quality in all books. so.......  here is story arc "as it happened" SPOILER ALERT!
( In play-by-play)
Daniel X is an Alien Hunter from another planet,
he was sent to Earth ( Terra Firma) to rid this planet of the evil aliens silently causing havoc.
Daniel X has the most powerful superpower  the power to CREATE!
Daniel X has a list, a list of aliens who inhabit Terra Firma he has to hunt and kill each alien on that list, he is currently on number #3 Beta,
while preparing to fight beta ( the alien who killed his parents) he is attacked by another alien, at that point he discovers how to RE-wind time.
the story moves on with irrelevant page fillers
Beta finds Daniel, and attempts to burn him, Daniel turns back time.
Daniel arrives at the time of king Arthur , finding out that Merlin is an alien!
Daniel,then find Beta in that time, and try's too defeat him, BUT Merlin stops Daniel from finishing off Beta, Arthur must battle Beta!
Arthur forces Beta to flee underground.
Before Daniel is transported back to his time, Merlin tells Arthur about a machine to defeat Beta called Stone-Henge,
 Beta comes to stone-henge to battle Daniel,
Stone-Henge activates and sends Beta off into the sun!
that's well.... the whole story.....
So that was an extremely pleasing book! For me the book was almost perfect I would give it 9/10
mainly because Beta the Evil Dude of the book needed more mystery and a bit more bio. Also because James Patterson gave Daniel X too much possibility and power, to the point were his powers have almost no restrictions.
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  1. I like the idea but I see one major plot hole... Marlin stops Daniel X from killing Beta, then tells him how to kill Beta? Confused...

  2. ah merlin wants to keep time in its original state, daniel is not meant to force beta into hiding, arthur is. so that means daniel cant kill beta without messsing with time. instead after the battle merlin tells daniel how to deafeat beta in HIS time without ruining the future.