Monday, 30 January 2012

Seekers: The Quest Begins Review

Well...I have now finished seekers #1 ( by Erin Hunter) and I must say it was pretty good, great detail, smooth plot BUT there was one thing that ruined the whole book. It was Repetitive! it seemed that whatever happened to one character echoed in all the other characters stories, I had to listen to the same story of a family being ripped apart 3 times, 3 TIMES! all in different locations....That part of the book seemed to drag on forever.  Another thing I disliked about the book, how slow it was, besides in major plot moments the whole book was filled with Irrelevant  page fillers...
What to expect:
1 Bears, lots of them
2  Enviro-values enforced throughout the book
3 long journeys
4 The classic "find my brother" plot
5 Canadian locations

I would rate this book a C+, it was good but it got too predictable, and repetitive ....
If you want to go to Erin Hunters seekers website you can click HERE

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