Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Chris Moriarty's Inquisitors Apprentice Book Review

As you all know I have just finished reading the Inquisitors Apprentice by Chris Moriarty.
 Its was a smoothly written book with  a certain elegant simplicity that caught my attention, it wove today's problems and Ethnic divides into a  mentally pleasing book about magic and adventure. This book had amazing detail, the whole story, even in the shaky start seemed to come to life in my very head.
With a book this good, you'll become a hermit for an hour. No joke.

Rating;   A+
Chris Moriarty used some real authentic words from the Jewish culture, and that to me made this book not only good, but realistic and informative.

  • New York Locations 
  • Magic and adventure 
  • Anti-social-ness 
  • 4 more books in the series
  • A great read

    If you want to go to the Inquisitors apprentice website click: http://www.inquisitorsapprentice.com/
    Credit; Inquisitors apprentice picture link from Roespot

    What Will I be reading next? The Dragon's Tooth By N.D Wilson.