Friday, 9 March 2012

The Void Of Mist and Thunder! + Derek Landy News!

James Dashner, yes THE James Dashner announced today, on his blog, the title of the Fourth book in the 13th reality series!
The book is called: The Void Of Mist and Thunder. (tvomat for short)
According to dashner, the publication date is soon to be announced!

James Dashner also talked about a new website on his blog, Quote: " A new website is in the works for all things James Dashner. It'll be going live in about a month and a half. This poor little sad blog page is finally going to retire and move to Montana, where it'll live on a ranch, wear diapers, and drink lots of prune juice. You'll be hearing a lot more, but the people responsible (for the new website, not the diapers and prune juice)... Warehouse 21. Stay tuned."

In other news Derek Landy told the world, that on Monday, he will reveal the title to his latest book! yes, you heard right, "Paul" is ready to be unmasked!, Paul being the seventh book in skulduggery pleasant series. *starts jumping*

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