Saturday, 5 May 2012

Serpents Shadow Review!

Being a highly anticipated book, I was fairly disappointed that the Serpents shadow did not live up to all its hype. I think one of the problems was the page count, Rick Riordan had to finish up a trilogy in only 401 pages, A trilogy in which he spent two books, beating around the bush about Apophis , however I think the real problem lied in the fact that the Serpents Shadow simply wasn't memorable, it was great while you were reading it, but after a week or so, you wonder if you actually read the book at all.
The Serpents Shadow although not memorable, was still a great thrill ride while you read it, and was very promising from the start, the majority of the characters were very well built, however they did have some personality flaws,
(such as the believability of their actions.) But Overall it was a Satisfactory book.

Book Rating: B
The book simply didn't give me anything to take away, and it wasn't very memorable.

What To Expect?
  • Egyptian gods 
  • Magic and magicians
  • Many war scenes 
  • Authentic Egyptian concepts 
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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm always looking for good books to read.