Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: the Secret Bedroom by R.L Stine

"This is the 16th story in the Fear Street saga. Lea Carson can't believe it when her family moves into the creepy old house on Fear Street. Most creepy of all is the secret room in the attic, which has been boarded up for 100 years. Lea thinks she hears footsteps inside. Should she open the door?"-Amazon
My Review
The secret bedroom was a real haunted house ghost story... it was... well….. Excitingly scary. It was the type of scary that makes your skin tingle and gives you Goosebumps. I mean, you know R.L Stine isn’t messing around when somebody gets murdered. Nevertheless, I guess what I really liked about the Secret bedroom is when it started getting darker, it was a bit abrupt, however it served a greater purpose as things quickly spiral out of control for young Lea Carson. Readers will be thoroughly engrossed in this full-out ghost story, with intuitive and masterful writing; R.L Stine creates a story of pure horror
Rating: B+
Note: This book is recomended to anyone who liked the “Old Goosebumps” or any one of R.L Stine’s more mature books. I’m telling you, this book won’t disappoint.
What To Expect?
  • Goosebumps
  • Ghosts
  • Haunted Houses 
  • Scary Attics

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  1. Ooh, sounds scary and exciting. THis in another one I think my son would like. Thanks.