Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Thoughts: The Void Of Mist And Thunder (by James Dashner)

"Atticus Higginbottom is trapped in the Nonex with his mortal enemy Mistress Jane and the corrupt and powerful Mr. Chu. No one has ever escaped the Nonex before, but for Tick, Jane, or Mr. Chu to have any hope of surviving the strange and deadly realm, they will have to work together for the first time in their lives. And they must escape. An all-consuming void has opened up and is unleashing monsters throughout the Realities. All of reality is unraveling at the seams and Ticks friends and fellow Realitants are facing an epic war that could spell the end of all they hold dear. Master George has one last weapon at his disposal: the mysterious and unpredictable Karma button. And depending on the character of the person who wields it will determine if its unlimited power is used for good or for evil. The Void of Mist and Thunder is the fourth and final book in the 13th Reality series."-Amazon
My Thoughts
Ahh... this is the problem with 12+ books....
They lack substance. They're really good, have great writing form- and are incredibly enjoyable- but they leave you with nothing to think about. They have no purpose or meaning other  than to entertain you.
And that leaves me (The reviewer) with a lack of words...
The Void of Mist and Thunder was sadly one of those books; it was really great- but not good enough. Normally 12+ books get positive ratings from me because although they had no purpose or universal theme- they have amazing writing form; great characters, and a mindblowingly awesome plot.
The Void of Mist and Thunder had only one of those. It was really good but not great, and that  my friends leaves me with even less words...
My second problem with this book is that it constantly switched in and out of character scenes  at a the most annoying places. Just when the main character was in peril; a literal cliffhanger- it would switch to some boring scene about some sub-character's struggle. It was honestly like watching a football game where someone would change the channel every time somebody was about to score.
Maddeningly annoying people. Maddeningly.
Rating: C+ (71%)
What to expect
  • Mistress Jane
  • Realitants
  • Reginald Chu
  • The Fourth demension

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