Thursday, 27 December 2012

Eddie's Ramblings: Amazing Spider Man Dead?!? (Spoiler)

Credit: NewsARama
What!?!? I know this is a book blog, however when I heard the news I just had to report, plus comics are books too right?
This Wendesday afternoon Spiderman was killed in his 700'th issue,  by Dan Slott. The man who writes Spiderman in the comics. According to him he needed to "shake up the mix.” (ABC). Shake up the mix? By Killing him? "hehe-haha its all fun and games! Just a comic people like to read! no problem killing Peter Parker!"-What I imagined Dan Slott Saying at the comic meeting.  For those of you who are a little young Spiderman has been going on since the 1960's; over 50 years of comic book history, generously entertaining dozens of generations over the years. And now, he's been Killed; his mind swapped into Doctor Octopus's withering body (which soon died) while Doctor Octopus's mind is finding itself quite comfy inside Spiderman's youthful physique. All is lost as the Villain has won, He has all the power, the glory, and the credit. He (Dr. Octopus) will now accordingly take over as Spiderman, and attempt to do some good, and become the Superior Spiderman. But what exactly does this say to our children? I, myself remember prancing about in my new Spider Man Halloween costume, and shooting webs (yarn) from my wrists with glee. I also remember many other kids jumping yonder saying things like: "when I grow up, I wanna be just like Spiderman!". Superheroes are not just fictional characters on a canvas, they're prime examples of the best a human can be, they're our deepest aspirations, wishes and fantasies splurted onto paper for all to see; Human Role Models. Which leads me back to my original question; What does this teach our children? You can be evil all your life, turn good at the last possible moment and attain ultimate glory? More glory than the man who's been doing good his whole life? You don't have to be good all the time, just when it counts? never mind Peter Parker, the good old Spiderman always doing the right thing, he got killed. Doctor Octopus, the life long villain is the one who lives, he's the winner! he gets the glory of Spider man. Is this the message you want to send to your child?
Doctor Octopus
Just another quick note: The main problem people are having with this is that Peter Parker was "killed" off before his time, he still had many many more crime fighting years ahead of him, he wasn't even old! That's almost never happened before. Normally a superhero willingly retires (always out of old age), while his/her partner or protege takes over his/her role. E.G Robin taking over for Batman. Then the former superhero lives the rest of his/her long life as a regular citizen. Thus, creating a new generation of whatever comic that was, whilst still having an appealing ending. However Dan Slott decided not to do that, and have a different ending, that coincidentally destroyed 50 years of comic history.
Doctor Octopus is expected to take over as Spiderman in the next issue, as Editor Stephen Wacker said "Because Doctor Octopus knows all of those things and will make decisions on what he saw Peter going through," Wacker said. "In a way, he gets the ultimate victory as he becomes a better hero." A better hero? unlikely, however today I'll end this somber article with a telling qoute from a loyal Spiderman Fan: "They've really outdone themselves in their latest attempt to completely alienate their fanbase and ruin their flagship character. This would be life if Twoface murdered Batman and became the new Batman. It feels wrong, it makes my stomach turn that the villain kills my hero, takes his body, his life, and his girl. I'm a life long fan of Spiderman, and I've endured a lot over the years. The clone saga and One more day being the most painfully horrible events. This however, has pretty much made me lose faith in Marvel as a brand. I'm done reading the comics, I am doing caring about the current situation in the Marvel universe. Marvel seems intent on destroying their characters and I refuse to take more abuse as a loyal fan."-Silver6Kraid


  1. You're kidding-they really killed him? Are they planning on pretending it didn't happen or what?

    Glad you liked Shadow and Bone!

    1. No joke! they actually killed Spiderman in his birth-comic. As of now there is no indication that they are going too reverse their decision, however I am hoping that they will=)