Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Eddie's Ramblings: Witch & Wizard book 4?

My Rant
Super powerful gifts of magic! All knowing prophecy's! Action! Fire! Witches and Wizards! and er..... Kisses? That's exactly what went through my mind when I found out the news. James Patterson will be writing a Fourth Witch & Wizard book entitled; The Kiss. Yep, James Patterson is allegedly done with the action, done with the adventure, done with the suspense, and has now moved on to mushy Romance. To fully grasp the enormity of what just happened let's visualize this: Rick Riordan has finished his third Percy Jackson novel......and on the fourth installment.... right before the end......he names it "the kiss" The Kiss! How on earth does that happen!?! I can tell you that allot of male readers simply won't read this latest establishment, I mean just the cover & title of this novel is quite enough to put off the random adventure/action reader.James should definitely go back to the classic covers (see below). Perfectly generic and likeable to any type of reader.

Well, do you agree? What do you have to say on the topic? Comment below!


  1. I didn't know about this! That's a shock, I never thought Patterson would be the type. I haven't read any in this series because I've heard of bunch of mixed reviews on them, they are much less popular that his other series. Did you like the Witch and Wizard books? I agree that he will lose some male readers by the title alone.

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    I look forward to more of your posts!

    1. Done! And yes I do like the witch and the wizard series! it was very good.

    2. Thank you! Have you read the Maximum Ride? Which did you like better?