Thursday, 26 January 2012

New changes and announcements!

The comments Page! I just wanted to bring to your guys attention  that I have created a New Comments page! a place for you to suggest a poll, suggest a Video, suggest a feature or simply contact me...The comments section is open for everyone  to comment on...

Another thing I was going to introduce is the new Grading System, instead of grading books out of 10 I decided that I was going to use a letter grading system similar to school.( e.g...C-,C,C+__B-,B,B+__A-,A,A+) The reason for that is it basically makes the grading much eaiser and simple, for me.

For those of you who are wondering when the next book reviews is, it will be as soon as I finish  Seekers #2...... and my ramblings on book #1...

Another thing I wanted to write upon, was my recent template change! so for those smart people who noticed my blog looked odd, Good job! you officially found your pair of eyes!

The template change was just because I felt my blog needed a more "solid" look to it, opposed to the more glassy look I had before.  This look is more "semi-solid".

That is all.
so tell me what you think of the new grade system..
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