Monday, 23 January 2012

possessed cat! that sounds like my blender....

Ok! this is another video about ANIMALS ( the second one) .....I figured since I was focusing on possessed people I figured I would give us humans a break and target innocent animals! (jk...jk ...chill)
This video is from you tube and has been posted by by  on Jan 2, 2010 ........ 
during this clip, the preposterous hilarity of the video caused me (against my strong, hardened will) to produce some funny comments....ahem..
My video comments
"this cat might as well be dead"
"you never think animals could be insane or senile, this video sadly (and forcibly) changed my mind"
"omg...hes growling...."
"is he singing!?!?!"
"that's one mad cat..."
"what could have possibly made him do this?"
"doesn't he look like he just finished a meal???"
"please don't eat me...."
One comment I found on you tube about this video was "He sounds like a possessed lawnmower." 
by DictionaryNinja 

For those of you who realized that the embedded video looks slightly larger, I am happy to tell you that you are right, I have finally figured this out and am trying to get the videos as large as possible for the best viewing experience !

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