Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Rapid Fire Book Review

I have recently got an e-reader and have almost finished the 39 clues rapid fire series. The 39 clues rapid fire series is a collection of 7 mini-books only available on e-readers or “reader machines”. The whole idea is that these mini books will fill in some of the blanks, before and after the clue hunt and that readers will tune in because of hidden letters that will ultimately unlock a clue card. Although in theorythis should work: there were still a few “blimps” while reading the series I noticed some “secrets”: some secrets that contradict a king’s ransom and   the medusa plot. (A sign that these series were thought of after the first 10 books)
What to expect;
1 many more secrets
2 exclusive info
3 a secret card-unlocking code
4 appearances from the watcher
5 and lastly, vespers….
___-Random insert of cuteness-___
if you would like to know more about these series please go to the website at

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