Wednesday, 18 January 2012


This is HUGE wikipedia , the biggest dictionary online has BLACKED OUT, yes blacked out to raise awareness  of a government bill or "plan" that will effect the free "internet"! Not only that ,many other websites have blackout out for 24 h as part of a plan to protest against SOPA (stop online piracy act) This bill ,organized by the government is supposed  to prevent  piracy, however according to many experts this bill does more bad than good....The good news is that some of the people who thought of this bill in the first place are backing out.....This bill if passed, could create a censorship regime withing the united states that could put pressure on website's, to be removed. (by various tactics)
This blackout is of now officially over, but as Wikipedia says "we're not done yet".
          Wow a world without Wikipedia.. almost unimaginable...
I do support what wikipedia is doing and I suggest you check it out @
so to end this post off I will quote from wikipedia...ahem
" Imagine a world without free knowledge"
ahhh...the wonders of protesting.  another link about the wikipedia blackout with great questions, great points and just plain great  journalism. what you may find is shocking. this may be the tipping point in  a "cyber-rebellion" for me this bill is quite an "outrage"
If you want to join the protest against this new censorship bill you can go here

For me I thought that this bill was dressed in the illusion of  "putting an end to piracy" but I thought that the whole core idea was for the U.S to censor the internet within and  outside their borders.....anyway voice your opinion  in the comments page!



    SOPA was killed by republicans bailing from the senate version but it seems that the US president, Obama still wants at least a version of it.

    So today he signed the Global Internet Treaty which many critics of SOPA claim is even worse than SOPA. Of course the US senate must ratify the treaty and while democrat leaders in the senate are pushing for ratification the republicans are saying no.

  2. awww I knew something like sopa would return!