Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ring of Wind!

I know this is kind of late BUT the ring of wind by Chris Bradford is scheduled to be out by march 2012!
( the seventh book is his young samurai series)
The young samurai   series is about a young boy (1600) who's father is sailing the seas in search of the "japans"  or "the city of gold". When jack's father finally finds the japans he is murdered by a shadowy ninja called dragon eye. The whole series is about how jack survives in japan, seeks revenge on dragon eye, becomes a foreign samurai and how finally he manages to get to his hometown.(England)

The seventh book is really the one that focuses on how he is to get home ( at least that's my prediction)
If you want to go to the young samurai website you can click this
If you want to see the young samurai cover you can go here

IN other news SOPA and PIPA  have been stopped! the internet protest has succeeded and congress has shelved the bill!...however the passion and the ideas of the people who created the bill are still here.... so I expect SOPA and PIPA to return in a different bill or form...oh well....

I just wanted say thank you for 200 views on my blog! I do appreciate every view that you Guys give me, keep it up!

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