Tuesday, 28 February 2012

39 clues New author! (Ronald Smith) And new 39 clues book: Shatterproof!

I just found out that the 39 clues have just recruited a new AUTHOR!  Ronald Smith! this is his first time writing a book in the 39 clues, and I must say he looks like a great author!....
On top of that Ronald Smith Just revealed the cover of his first 39 clues book! it’s called Shatterproof! 
As you can see this is the Fourth Book of the Cahill’s VS Vespers series and is bound to be EPIC.

  • Out September 4th 2012
  • 192 pages 
  • Out August 28 2012!
  • Read an excerpt 
 Ronald Smith said on the 39 clues message board 
"In this book, the Cahill’s are hunting for and being hunted by the Vespers in five different countries and it's not going well for them - the hostages are in serious peril, and Erasmus is . . . We'll, I've said enough."

He also talked about the book's release date
"I'm thrilled to reveal the title and cover of my contribution to 39 Clues. It's called SHATTERPROOF and will be out on September 4th."

Odd....see on Amazon  it stated that it was out on August 28 2012? A possible error? I think not!

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