Monday, 27 February 2012

N.D Wilson's Dragons Tooth Review!

Today as I have hoped, I finished the dragons tooth by N.D Wilson!

The dragons tooth is about 3 young children, Cyrus, Antigone and Daniel, all of them live in a small motel, fending for themselves and scraping by.
Until a man in black appears, Bones.
48 hours later bones is dead, the motel is burned and Cyrus's brother is missing.
With only their dwarf headed lawyer and a pair of keys, Cyrus and Antigone must find haven and join a an ancient powerful organisation,
And powerful they are indeed.

Book Rating B+
To me this was an excellent book, the characters were creative and crisp, the background story had much depth, and the overall the book had a good flow to it.
There was one thing, and one thing only that made the book predictable, and that was its plot.
The whole "caretakers of powerful relics and magical creatures" plot has already been done before in Brandon Mull's Fablehaven and Polly Shulman's Grim Legacy   Other than that, a great read!

What to Expect?
  • American locations
  • Magic creatures and powerful relics 
  •  The Classic "twisted evil doctor who messes with nature"
  • A long read
  • Suspense 
If you want to know more about this new series and yes it will be a series, go to

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  1. Tbh, You would make a GREAT Reviewer on a Subject, Keep up great work!