Saturday, 4 February 2012

Riordan News & Serpents Shadow SNEAK PEAK! *jumps* UPDATE

While exploring the world wide web ( very big place y'know) I stumbled upon THIS, yes its true
 You can read the first chapter by clicking HERE
I have not yet read this first chapter but it seems amazing!
so for all of you eager Riordan fans (myself included) I now permit you to jump for joy and make a fool out of yourselves...*cough*
So now that you have finished reading my post please comment on the comments page about Rick Riordans new book, if you want to see the cover again you can click HERE
Again this is a great sign (time to begin frantic pre-orderinng)
If you want to pre_order the book( like me) you can click HERE

Serpents Shadow Book specifics
~ 416 pages long
~will be published May 1, 2012
~Publisher: Disney Hyperion
I have recently found a video of Rick Riordan discussing his new book, the serpents shadow, AND giving some sneak-peak  PLOT SPOILERS! 

In other news you can now Officially pre-order Rick Riordans OTHER new book called the Demigod Diaries  through amazon! to see the  Demigod Diaries cover OR  pre-order the demigod diaries ( through  amazon) you can click HERE
The demigod diaries is similar to the "ultimate guide to Percy Jackson" except for The Hero's Of Olympus series..

Book specifics
~224 pages
~Out by august 14/2012
~publisher Disney Hyperion 

and again, thanks for all the views I've been getting for this one post! keep it coming! (to go to my blog's main page click )

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  1. This book is perfect for anyone who is into mythology, Egyptian or otherwise! Rick has once again hit the jackpot with another book so I must congratulate him. I would suggest getting the entire series for the entire family to read as well as check out his other books!