Sunday, 5 February 2012

Riordan talks to MSNBC about his inspiration for Writing!

This is a video I stumbled upon while watching Rick Riordans Interview with MSNBC, and I found it Interesting that the Percy Jackson series started with a bedtime story! simply reading to his son! who has ADHD and dyslexia. Rick Riordan  incorporated many aspects of his son and his disorder, into writing the world known Percy Jackson series, which makes these books so unique and special.
Another surprising thing  that I found in the video is that Rick Riordans son, and aspiring writer Haley Riordan is writing a short story for Rick Riordans new book called the Demigod Diaries!
I hope to have the pleasure of reading some of Haley's books, if he decides  to become a writer.

In other Riordan news, Rick Riordan announced a few months ago that he will be writing a series about Norse Mythology In 2015! It seems they will be new gods, new hero's and new villains in this new Series.
To view Riordans post about his new series click HERE

While reviewing my Son Of Neptune book, I noticed a glaring yet concealed typo in Rick Riordans latest book, If you go to the back cover off the book, where you see what the book is about, you will notice on the VERY TOP it says:

  "Praise  for Rick Riordan's
  The heroes of  oympus,  book one
  The Lost Hero"

Quite a funny typo, look for yourself!

Happy reading!

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  1. Yes, I saw that story on the news. Quite interesting, even to me, short-attention-span Eve. I haven't read the books myself, so I didn't see the typo, but it's always amusing to see someone make a mistake.