Thursday, 24 May 2012

Review: The Ring Of Wind (by Chris Bradford)

 In The Ring of Wind Jack finally arrives at  the Japanese shoreline  to board a ship bound for Nagasaki, however, when jack gets on-board it does not take long for danger to follow him. In a matter of days, Jacks ship is captured and secured by pirates....Will jack survive the coming days? Will he ever free his friends for the Pirates grasps? Find out! in the Ring Of Wind!.....I personally Loved the Ring of Wind, and Highly recommend this book to anybody who loves climatic battle scenes or "fist fights", The battles and sword fighting is this book were definitely  a constant, while the romantic "Love scenes" were almost non-existent. (However they were very strong displays of friendship and honor) 

Book Rating: A-
Why? This book had a lot of Authentic Ninjitsu and Samurai moves that really enriched the battle scenes and the war parts for me.=]

What To Expect?
  • Sea Battles
  • The return of the "dragon"
  • Lots of Sword Fights
  • Pirates!
  • Painful deaths for some characters

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