Friday, 2 November 2012

Bodyguard: Hostage (By Chris Bradford)

"I am writing a new modern day action-packed series book 1 to be called 'Bodyguard - Hostage' set in the UK and USA.
Bodyguards are today's samurai warriors - the style of this new series is Jason Bourne meets Jack Fletcher - so I hope all my fans will like it.  It will be published in the UK next Spring 2013."- Chris Bradford
Hostage Info
Hmmm...Chris Bradford.....sound familiar? That's because Chris Bradford is the same man who wrote the entire award winning series; Young Samurai. You may have heard me mention that name a few times around this blog. Anyhow, now Chris Bradford's back with this all new action series featuring a Young Bodyguard! Fans of Young Samurai will surely be jumping for joy after this long-awaited installment!

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  1. Thanks Eddie for the support! The first draft of BODYGUARD has been written - an early extract is available at

    Great site - keep up the good work!

    Chris Bradford